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Cottle Farms Vegetables & Cantaloupe


Cottle Farms has created a partnership with the most reputable growers in Eastern North Carolina to bring you the highest quality produce available. 


Always grown in North Carolina, many of our vegetables are raised from seedlings in our on-site greenhouse. They are hand-transplanted into fertile soils and harvested at the peak of perfection. Once harvested, they are taken from the field, directly, to our packing facilities where they are washed and pre-cooled.



Our canteloupes are raised from seedlings in our on-site greenhouse.They are transplanted by hand and picked at the hight of sweetness.

Specialty Peppers

Cottle Farms offers a wide variety of specialty peppers:






Finger Hots

Long Hots

Hungarian (Banana Peppers)

Bell Pepper

Diversified Packaging


1/2 Bushel

Egg Plant

Bushel and 1/9, regular and italian

Hard Squash

Bushel and 1/9 Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut and Spaghetti. 

Grape Tomatoes

12/1 pint clamshells 10 or 20 lb bulk boxes

Yellow Squash

1/2 Bushel


Diversified Packaging

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