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Cottle Farms Muscadine Grapes

Cottle Farms is proud to offer "America's first grape" and southern jewel, the Muscadine. We hand harvest and sort our muscadine grapes to ensure that only the freshest and finest product available, reaches our customer. Muscadine grapes, known as Vitis rotundifolia, are native to North Carolina and can be an *excellent source of resveratrol, dietary fiber and some essential minerals. The muscadine grape has over twice the antioxidant power as the blueberry, based on the USDA and Tufts University’s ORAC standard measurement, the skin and seeds holding the greatest concentration. To utilize these parts and to reduce product waste, promoting sustainability, Cottle Farms produces a black / bronze grape muscadine puree. For more information about our vineyard and availability, contact us.

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