We grow and harvest superior quality produce for you and your family. Our produce is always picked at the peak of ripeness.   Click the link below to go to our produce page.

Food Safety

Food quality and safety are our number one goal.  We adhere to Good Agricultural Practices and current Food Safety Regulations.  For more information, click the link below.

Grow strawberries with Cottle Strawberry Nursery. Three types of plants are available; Plugs, Tips, and Fresh Dug (Bare Root) in four varieties.  Click below for info.

"From Farm to Table ... Local Homegrown Freshness".

Our Mission

It is the mission of Cottle Strawberry Nursery and it's growers, including Cottle Farms, to be the preferred year-round supplier of fruits and seasonal vegetables to our customers.  We provide superior quality produce with consistent availability and competitive pricing.

Our Produce:

Our History

Cottle Strawberry Nursery Inc. is proudly owned and operated by Ron E Cottle, of Faison NC.  The Corporation grows, packs, ships, imports, and distributes quality fruits and vegetables. 

Cottle Strawberry Nursery is also one of the leading suppliers of strawberry tips,plugs, and bare root plants for strawberry growers around the U.S.


Strawberry Plants

Farm Tours

Our Farm and Packing Facilities

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At Cottle Farms and Cottle Strawberry Nursery, Our name is synonymous with high-quality and great service.  We have quality control teams on site in order to guarantee that only the finest produce reaches our customers.  Look for the Cottle Farms name at a grocer near you.

Nothing beats the flavor of a fresh-picked strawberry.  Click the link below to find out how to schedule your school or group for a tour.